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How to Install and Test a Web Server in Chromebook Linux

You can easily set up a web server on the Linux environment of your Chromebook, Crostini. Here’s how to do it in three simple steps. The Chromebook Linux (Crostini) environment is a great development tool, and it’s especially good for web development. It’s easy to set up a web server to test your web page […]

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These two WhatsApp scams can steal your personal information, bank details

Cybercriminals are now exploiting the ability to send functional external links on WhatsApp to trick victims into giving out their personal and even bank details. A new WhatsApp scam named “Rediroff.com” or “Rediroff.ru” has been revealed and deceives the victims by sending a link on the platform owned by Meta. According to a CNBC report, […]

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Commands to install Apache web server on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 LTS

If you want to learn how to run and access a website from a remote location, we need a web server and what is more convenient than getting started with Apache if you are new to the world of IT. accommodation. Here in this tutorial we will learn the command to install and start Apache […]

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Commands for installing the Caddy Web server on AlmaLinux 8

Caddy is an open source licensed HTTP web server written in GO language. Here we will learn how to install Caddy Server on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 8 based on RHEL using command line (terminal) on VPS, cloud or local machines. Although Caddy is not popular like Apache or Nginx, yet it is a powerful […]

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How to install lighttpd web server on Debian 11 Bullseye or Ubuntu 20.04

lighttpd (lighty) is a web server that requires much less resources than Apache for example, and is therefore particularly suitable for very large loads or very weak systems. It was developed by Jan Kneschke and can be extended with modules. FastCGI, for example, allows you to run PHP code. SCGI complements slightly with Ruby or […]

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9 steps you can take to protect your corporate web server from cyber attacks

For any modern business, the security of its website and web server is of paramount importance. In modern times, a digital presence has become such an important part of business that if compromised, much irreparable damage can be done to any business. Therefore, you must take all necessary measures to ensure the security of your […]

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Web Server Protection: Web Server Logs and Security

introduction This article on web server logs and security continues the Infosec Skills series on protecting web servers. While there are many active and passive defenses that can be used to attempt to secure a web server and mitigate the risk of attack, one of the most powerful methods is to understand and use server […]

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How to install IIS web server on Windows 10 step by step -H2S Media

IIS (Internet Information Services Manager) on Windows 10/7 Desktop or server is basically a flexible and secure web server provided by Microsoft on its desktop and server operating systems. Just like Apache and Nginx in Linux distributions on Windows, we have IIS. Install and configure the web server (IIS) on Windows 10 Microsoft has not […]

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NGINX launches open source web server with dynamic configuration

NGINX recently released version 1.0 of Unit, an open source web and application server. The server supports remote and dynamic configuration and does not experience any downtime for configuration changes. Unit 1.0 also supports multiple languages ​​(Go, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby) running on the same instance, including multiple versions of the same language. The […]