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MTN updates its web portal to support SIM data registration

MTN Ghana has upgraded its SIM registration web portal to allow customers to link their Ghana card to their data SIM card(s) seamlessly.

With this implementation, MTN subscribers can visit the online SIM registration portal and link their Ghana Card to their MTN data number without the need to insert it into a mobile phone.

Prior to this new development, customers had to remove their data SIM cards from their data devices such as routers, MiFis, trackers and other smart devices, and insert them into mobile phones in order to link the card(s). Ghana pay-per-view data sim.

The upgraded portal is particularly useful for linking the data SIM card(s) to the Ghana Card without the customer having to remove the SIM card from the data device.

The gate https://simregistrationportal.mtn.com.gh is the web version of USSD *404#. The SIM registration web portal is used to link the Ghana card to all SIM cards before visiting the service center or any of our authorized agent points for biometric capture.

Besides linking data SIM card(s), the portal can be used to link prepaid voice, EVD, postpaid individual, as well as SIM cards in tracking devices and security cameras. The SIM card registration web portal can also be used to check the SIM card registration status or retrieve the customer’s unique code.

Additionally, the portal provides a channel for customers with Know Your Customer (KYC) issues, such as name mismatch, to be able to upload images of their proof of ownership documents that establish their identity and ownership of the SIM card(s). Anyone with the URL can login to the portal and submit their details with their Ghana card to link their SIM card.

To ensure mass awareness of URL adoption, targeted SMS messages are sent to customers. Once a customer receives a message with the URL, they will be able to access the portal either on their phone or on a computer.

Commenting on the portal, Sales and Distribution Manager Shaibu Haruna said, “This enhancement is designed to make it easier for all of our valued customers to sign up. MTN will continue to innovate and expand its access channels to facilitate a successful registration exercise. We urge all of our customers to take advantage of the extension to register now to avoid any last minute traffic spikes as the deadline approaches.”

Since the start of the SIM card registration exercise on October 1, 2021, MTN Ghana has implemented several initiatives to improve the registration experience.

Some of the interventions include the expansion of registration points and agents in all districts of the country to reduce congestion.

MTN has also ventured into institutional listings for large groups and organizations as well as community listings. MTN staff with compatible devices have been equipped to record their own family and friends.