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InZone’s innovative web portal allows you to compare prices and configure UAE company online

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Business service provider InZone has developed a state-of-the-art web portal that allows you to compare prices and start your own business in UAE online. The United Arab Emirates, being a haven for passionate entrepreneurs looking to incorporate their businesses, has a plethora of business service providers in every nook and cranny. However, very few can be cited as an example to have completely evolved to meet the demands of the modern world. InZone is one example.

“InZone has changed the way people think about starting and running their businesses in the United Arab Emirates. Browsing the web pages of multiple websites, adding bookmarks, and then comparing confusing and conflicting information was the norm. Our website provides you with the tools to compare prices to start a business in UAE so that you can choose the best option to execute your unique vision. says Muhammad Tariq, CEO of InZone.

InZone, with its vision to simplify service delivery to businesses, is staying true to its word as reviews pour in from a variety of clients who praise the efficiency and simplicity of their way of doing things.

“Simplicity is reflected throughout our business journey, from design and presentation of our solutions to execution. The combination of modern technology and a mature, well-trained workforce helps us deliver solutions to our customers on time, every time, ”said Aiman ​​Fatima, Deputy Director of InZone.


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The InZone web portal presents a case for notable mention as it first allows you to compare prices between different options before you can proceed with the option best suited for them.

Here’s how it works: The web portal allows you to choose between three options namely, Continental, Free Zone and Offshore to set up your business in UAE. Business activity, number of shareholders and location remain a common question for all three options, while visa issuance and bank account opening are required for the Free Zone and Offshore options respectively. Once you have defined your needs, it shows you all the options that you can choose from. The options are detailed and the breakdown of the total cost as well as the additional charges are also visible. This takes the worry of all hidden costs out of the equation. Once you have selected a preferred package, you will be asked to complete an order form which would take less than 5 minutes.

The whole process can be done online, which demonstrates the ease with which one can start his own business in UAE. InZone states that because of the efficiency and simplicity of the solutions they offer, it allows them to eliminate unnecessary overhead. This in turn allows their price to be competitive enough to face the heavyweights of this industry.

You can now start setting up your UAE business online today with InZone at www.inzone.ae or dial +971 4 5821100.

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