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Web Health: Squareboat: App Maker’s Tool Offerings Corner Helps Customers Monitor Web and Server Health

BENGALURU: Mobile and web app developer SquareBoat recently launched a tool called Spectrum that allows businesses to monitor the health of their websites and servers online.

The seeded startup, founded in 2013, has around 30 clients in sectors such as finance (PaisaBazaar), travel (Tripoto), health and education. “In this case, health includes things like CPU load, disk usage, and memory usage. (With Spectrum), it’s easy, even for entrepreneurs or non-tech-trained marketers, to understand the issues that prevail, ”said Gaurav Gupta, Founder of SquareBoat Solutions.

The tool retrieves data from Amazon Web Services’ CloudWatch platform and it is displayed in real time on a single screen for multiple servers or websites. Spectrum can also help predict if a website’s traffic is likely to increase unexpectedly, helping businesses avoid server or website outages. The tool uses a simple red-green light interface to indicate good or bad scenarios.

Gurgaon-based SquareBoat’s fees range from Rs 6-8 lakh to Rs 15-20 lakh for mobile and web application development, depending on the degree of complexity. According to Gupta, Tripoto was able to increase traffic to their website almost 10 times by reducing the response time from 30 seconds to 2-3 seconds using SquareBoat’s services.

In the education sector, the startup helped create Freadom, an application designed to help children from I to III improve their reading habits through daily 15-minute activities with their parents. “The whole website (application programming interface), admin interface and the Android app were created from scratch,” Gupta said.

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