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WheelEasy mobility-friendly information web app announces competition prize winner

The easy wheel charity created a web application that provides access information for people with mobility Needs. Accessible entrance (also called “disabled access”) includes ramps, wide lanes and entrances, toilets and other amenities. WheelEasy has just started offering prizes to encourage people to add access information to the WheelEasy card. WheelEasy is delighted to announce […]

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Paragonix Technologies Announces the Launch of the Paragonix Web Portal, Providing Users with Access to Critical Organ Preservation Data | News

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 4, 2022– Paragonix Technologies, Inc. announces the release of the newly developed Paragonix Web Portal, an accessible support platform that connects to the Paragonix app and donor organ preservation devices to provide transplant teams the ability to digitally participate in online sessions. direct or review historical cases and clinical case data. For […]

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Commands to install Apache web server on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 LTS

[ad_1] If you want to learn how to run and access a website from a remote location, we need a web server and what is more convenient than getting started with Apache if you are new to the world of IT. accommodation. Here in this tutorial we will learn the command to install and start […]

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Yes, you should probably just buy a Chromebook.

[ad_1] Many more people were introduced to the world of Chromebooks over the past year and a half as they were recruited for distance learning and work during the pandemic. This is probably why I spent more time answering questions from family and friends than I have since. they first launched in 2011. Chromebooks are […]

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Danville unveils new interactive plot visualization map

[ad_1] DANVILLE, Va. (WFXR) – A new interactive map makes it easier for people to search plots in the city of Danville. The City’s Information Technology Department has created this user-friendly web application. This parcel viewer allows users to search by owner name, parcel number, address, legal description and zoning. There is also an advanced […]

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Hackers Use Malicious IIS Server Module to Steal Microsoft Exchange Credentials

[ad_1] Malicious actors deploy a previously unknown binary, an Internet Information Services (IIS) web server module dubbed “Owowa, “on Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access servers for the purpose of stealing credentials and allowing remote command execution. “Owowa is a .NET v4.0 assembly developed in C # that is intended to be loaded as a module […]

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Addressing web server vulnerabilities below the application layer

How is your web security? With your vulnerability and penetration testing underway, do you think your critical business systems can hold up and remain resilient to attackers? Unless you look at your web environment in all the right ways, your web security posture might not be as strong as you think. I discovered that […]

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Apache web server path traversal and file disclosure vulnerability (CVE-2021-41773)

[ad_1] Apache Software released the fix for the zero-day vulnerability in the Apache HTTP server affecting version 2.4.49 out of 4e October 2021. The vulnerability was discovered by cPanel Security and is actively exploited in the wild. This flaw could allow path traversal and subsequent file disclosure. Path traversal issues allow unauthorized users to access […]

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ESET Research discovers new IIS web server threats spy on …

[ad_1] (MENAFN-Mid-East.Info) Dubai, United Arab Emirates: ESET researchers have discovered a set of 10 previously undocumented malware families implemented as malicious extensions for Internet Information Services web server software (IIS). Targeting both government mailboxes and e-commerce credit card transactions, while facilitating the distribution of malware, this diverse class of threats operates by spying on and […]

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How to install IIS web server on Windows 10 step by step -H2S Media

[ad_1] IIS (Internet Information Services Manager) on Windows 10/7 Desktop or server is basically a flexible and secure web server provided by Microsoft on its desktop and server operating systems. Just like Apache and Nginx in Linux distributions on Windows, we have IIS. Install and configure the web server (IIS) on Windows 10 Microsoft has […]

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NGINX launches open source web server with dynamic configuration

[ad_1] NGINX recently released version 1.0 of Unit, an open source web and application server. The server supports remote and dynamic configuration and does not experience any downtime for configuration changes. Unit 1.0 also supports multiple languages ​​(Go, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby) running on the same instance, including multiple versions of the same language. […]

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Web Health: Squareboat: App Maker’s Tool Offerings Corner Helps Customers Monitor Web and Server Health

[ad_1] BENGALURU: Mobile and web app developer SquareBoat recently launched a tool called Spectrum that allows businesses to monitor the health of their websites and servers online. The seeded startup, founded in 2013, has around 30 clients in sectors such as finance (PaisaBazaar), travel (Tripoto), health and education. “In this case, health includes things like […]

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NGINX and the future of the web server

[ad_1] Robertson, CEO of NGINX: “Websites today aren’t really just websites, they’re apps.” Image: Colin Barker The NGINX web server company promotes itself as “the secret heart of the modern web” and claims to manage 60% of the world’s busiest websites. CEO Gus Robertson is originally from Australia and has big ambitions for the company: […]

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Nginx, the popular open source web server, goes commercial

[ad_1] Anyone who pays attention to web servers knows that Apache is the most popular web server. What only professional web developers and administrators know is that High-performance, open-source web server Nginix battles Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) for second place . Now in order to skip IIS and claim the # 2 spot for […]