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State web portal offline since Friday

Florida’s official web portal, including Gov. Ron DeSantis‘, has been down since Friday after a hardware malfunction at the State Data Center.

A notice on state web pages like MyFlorida.com and FlGov.com said on Monday that the site was “currently under maintenance”. However, the accident affected some processes such as those of the Ministry of Children and Families and the Ministry of Road Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Emails obtained by Florida Politics show that at one point, approximately 1,100 servers supporting the state system were offline. Since then, many servers have returned online – almost half on Saturday.

“Warning: This site is currently under maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, ”according to the web pages.

The Florida digital service of the Department of Management Services responded quickly to the hardware outage on Friday, DMS spokesperson Rose Hébert Florida Politics said. The digital service worked with Dell EMC to bring state websites back online.

“The backup processor is designed to take over when the main processor fails, but this routine function did not happen instantly depending on the architecture,” Hebert said. “FLDS continues to work alongside the significant resources deployed by the machine manufacturer under the maintenance contract to restore functionality and mitigate the impact.

Legislators created the Florida Digital Service in 2020 to maintain state data, set up test environments to demonstrate state software prior to deployment, and facilitate data sharing between government agencies.

Former Rep. Jamie Grant, who was instrumental in creating digital services, runs the agency as Florida’s chief information officer.

“The failure of a failover to perform as expected when a processor crashes continues to be a mystery, but the work causing the problem may wait until we get past the triage phase,” Grant wrote in an email Saturday morning.

In a Saturday afternoon email, Grant wrote that he asked the team to stay focused on restoring operations and functionality.

“At the moment, there isn’t an amount of resources, whether people or money, that can accelerate our efforts,” Grant wrote. “We will certainly communicate appropriately if that changes. “

The information exchange system, or ‘data interoperability ecosystem’, created by FDS would allow the service to tackle digital driving licenses or provide supervisors with electoral tools to verify the eligibility of voters. real time.

Secretary Todd inman oversees the DMS.

This isn’t the first time the state’s websites have gone down, even in recent years. The voter registration portal crashed on the deadline to register to vote before the November 2020 elections. That spring, the unemployment portal of the Department of Economic Opportunity crashed several times in the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, when hundreds of thousands of unemployed Floridians attempted to apply for benefits.


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