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SC orders web portal to file medical school capitation fee complaints

The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the creation of a web portal under its own aegis to allow students or anyone else to provide information on capitation fees charged by private medical schools across the country.

A bench of Justices L Nageswara Rao and BR Gavai said that despite state governments enacting legislation banning the practice of charging capitation fees and making it an offence, the stark reality that cannot be ignored is that fees capitation are charged for admission to medical schools. is still prevalent today.

The court also “strictly prohibits” the management of private medical schools from accepting payment of fees in cash, to avoid charging a capitation fee.

He also noted that the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh have already passed legislation to tackle the threat of charging head tax.

Apart from ordering a web portal to be maintained by the National Computing Center (NIC), the Supreme Court has ordered the chief secretaries of states and union territories to publish details about it in English newspapers and vernacular at the time of admission.

“In addition, a brochure should be given to students and their parents at the time of consultation informing them of the availability of the web portal”, he said.

Students or anyone else aggrieved are free to report medical school collection of cash fees on the web portal, he added.

Issuing a set of directions in a 2017 pending civil appeal filed by Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust Etc, the court said that while setting the timetable for the admissions process, the National Medical Commission and Council dental India must ensure that the counseling for all rounds including the wandering vacancy round are completed at least two weeks before the last date of admission.

Regarding fees, the court said state fee-setting committees should consider all components, leaving no room for managements to charge additional amounts outside of what has been prescribed from time to time. other.

In the event that management intends to charge additional amounts beyond the price range set by the Fee Setting Committee, this can only be done with the agreement of the Fee Setting Committee, the court said.

The high court also directed the Director General of Health Services and other concerned authorities including state governments to ensure that the rounds of advice of All India Quota and State Quota be carried out in strict compliance with the set time.

The court remanded the case for review in July 2022.