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Perfect offers a Swift web server and developer toolkit

Perfect is a web server and developer toolkit using the Swift programming language to build REST applications and other services. The platform allows developers to build using only Swift to program both the client side and the server side of their projects.

The platform is free and available under the authorized Apache v2.0 license. It provides developers with a stable framework, tools, and debugging support so that they can complete their server-side Swift projects for iOS, OS X, and Linux environments efficiently and cost effectively.

Perfect works using a standalone HTTP server or through FastCGI and it is flexible enough to connect to any server of your choice or a custom server. It provides a system for loading Swift-based modules on startup and for interfacing these modules with its request / response objects or with the built-in mustache model processing system.

Perfect runs on a high performance fully asynchronous networking engine with the goal of providing a scalable option for Internet services. It supports out-of-the-box SSL and a suite of tools commonly required by Internet servers such as WebSockets and iOS push notifications.

The company launched the platform last November and has now received additional seed funding that will be used to scale its team and technology infrastructure, and to continue to present Perfect to major markets and attend events of the iOS and Mac developer industry.

Read more: http://perfect.org/index.html

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