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ETF health and benefits website updates

Ahead of this year’s Health Benefits Open Enrollment Period, the Employee Trust Fund Department has made the following updates to the Health and Supplementary Benefits web content of the ETF website.

New insurance menu on ETF website

The top navigation menu of the ETF website now features an “Insurance” menu. This menu provides easy access, in fewer clicks, to health and additional benefits such as dental, vision and life insurance. This new menu option replaces the old “Health” menu in the top navigation of the website.

Updated web pages – Please update your links

The ETF has also published updated web pages for:

These updated pages provide permanent and up-to-date information for national and local participants. These pages will provide relevant information about benefits, including rates, and links to more information. Each benefits page will also feature a “What’s New” section to highlight new information for each year.

Permanent content also means that the links to the most recent dental, vision care and accident plan pages will no longer change from year to year. You can provide these links to your employees and you do not need to update them during the next open registration period. ETF has added redirects so that your old links send users to these updated pages. However, we encourage you to update all old links.

Pharmacy Information

For easy access to pharmacy information, you will now find cards on each program option home page that link to key pharmacy tasks. These maps will help members find drug costs, network pharmacies, and covered drugs in fewer clicks.

Website ratings

This information was updated prior to the open registration period to give you time to view and adjust to these changes now. As always, your feedback is appreciated. You can submit your comments on the ETF website using the Website Comments tab, available on the right side of every page.