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Asad receives web portal briefing for PSDP projects

ISLAMABAD: The Department of the Planning Commission of the Geospatial Technology Cell of SUPARCO briefed the Federal Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, Asad Umar, on the progress of the web portal to use reporting and reporting solutions. Evidence-based monitoring of PSDP projects incorporating satellite technology. here in Islamabad on Monday.

Planning Secretary Abdul Aziz Uqaili, SUPARCO Member Zafar Iqbal, M&E Member, Additional Secretaries, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Geospatial Technology Cell Riffat Shamshad and other senior officials attended the meeting. . The meeting with SUPARCO was conducted to renovate the P&E system with advanced technologies.

The developed solutions were presented to the Minister, including data collection with real-time geolocated information and images offering online and offline mechanisms for data transmission.

It was informed during the meeting that SUPARCO provides the first intact knowledge of the project in real time and every four days they are able to see the progress of the project on the ground thanks to this technology.

Asad said that the weakness of the Planning Commission monitoring and evaluation system always resulted in delay / inefficiency in the implementation of PSD projects, causing massive overruns, increased costs and wasted resources. taxpayer money.

“This is why we need to reorganize the overall process of monitoring and evaluation. We need to have a clear idea of ​​how this system can be used to monitor the quantitative and qualitative status of projects, ”said Asad.

He also discussed the frequency of evaluations and asked for details at the next meeting on how the Planning Commission would coordinate monitoring and evaluation information with future reports.

SUPARCO recently developed a GIS portal to monitor infrastructure projects and successfully demonstrated this to the Planning Commission.

Asad appreciated SUPARCO for its participation in this enterprise thanks to the analysis of satellite and GIS data, the collection of geolocated field data and the progress of the real-time implementation of the projects. The forum suggested improvements and integration of the system with the Planning Board’s system for effective monitoring.