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Arvind Kejriwal Announces “Dilli Bazaar” Web Portal for City Traders

Dilli Bazaar will be a revolutionary and state-of-the-art portal, said Arvind Kejriwal (FILE)

New Delhi:

Popular Delhi markets such as Khan Market and Lajpat Nagar will have a wider national and global reach with the Delhi government preparing a portal, ‘Dilli Bazaar’, which will provide traders and traders with a platform to display their products and doing business, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Wednesday.

The umbrella portal encompassing all of the city’s famous stores and their products should be ready by August of next year, Kejriwal said at a press conference.

“Businessmen, traders, manufacturers, markets and stores will not only be able to display their products on this portal but also sell them in the city, the country and even abroad,” he said.

The portal will also feature virtual markets where people can browse stores, identify the products of their choice and buy them. It will also host virtual exhibitions, the chief minister said.

“Dilli Bazaar will be a revolutionary and state-of-the-art portal that will give a global online identity to every trader, businessman, professional, service provider and trader in Delhi. Buyers will be able to take virtual tours of the markets of Delhi. Delhi, buy whatever product they like from home, ”the chief minister said.

The huge e-market made available after the launch of the portal will see a “monumental increase” in Delhi’s GDP, tax revenues, employment and overall economic activities, he said.

“Dilli Bazaar” will be the world’s first portal where every entrepreneur in the city would be able to present and sell their products to anyone, anywhere in the world. Local businesses will get a strong promotion on the portal and one will be able to explore all the products of all the stores there, he said.

“From the markets of Lajpat Nagar-Sarojini Nagar to the local markets of DDA, every store in Delhi will be able to sell their products online. The portal will support both direct-to-consumer businesses and businesses and startups will benefit greatly from the exposure made available by it.

“If someone who has now moved from the country to London or someone sitting in America wants to buy something from a particular store in Delhi, that person will be able to buy it through the portal,” he said.

During the portal’s announcement on the eve of Diwali, Mr. Kejriwal said that Delhi will soon have its own e-marketplace where every small and large entrepreneur will have their own e-commerce store.

Showcasing Delhi’s unique markets on a platform, creating an ecosystem for Delhi consumers to shop locally, and providing a credible and affordable e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses are the main goals of the ‘Dilli Bazaar’ concept. Officials said.

“The product delivery part of the electronic marketplace activated by the Dilli Bazaar portal will be managed by the sellers. Work has started to materialize the concept and operational guidelines are being decided,” said a senior government official. from Delhi.

The Chief Minister, explaining the merits of the portal, said: “Imagine the kind of experience consumers will have when they can visit virtually any market, find a store there and buy directly from the retailer through the portal. . This portal will bring even the smallest of Delhi businesses globally.

“Even someone sitting in America will be able to virtually walk around the Hauz Khas market and buy something from the stores there. Everything will be direct to the consumer, you can search for a certain store or product and all the options will be there. in front of you.”

There is also a business-to-business aspect. Suppose some UK businessmen want to buy Indian antiques, they can go to the portal, search the antiques and order wholesale as well, he added.

Noting that there are crowds in the markets because of the festivals and that people do not meet COVID-19 standards, he asked them to maintain all precautions and wear masks.

Mr. Kejriwal called on people to perform Diwali puja for the welfare of the city with him and his cabinet colleagues at a 7 p.m. event at Thyagaraj Stadium on Thursday.

The portal is conceptualized by the Delhi Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) and will be operationalized by the Delhi government’s Department of Industry, officials said.

“Dilli Bazaar is going to be a unique platform to present the famous Delhi Bazaars to a global audience and provide a virtual home for all Delhi SMEs. It is a privilege for @DDC_Delhi to lead the design of the platform Dilli Bazaar as envisioned by CM @ ArvindKejriwal, “tweeted DDC Vice President Jasmine Shah.

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